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Some of our last year's clients ..

Everyone who wishes to pursue an MBA knows that the Application Essay is both, a trump card and a nightmare at the same time! For every application of mine, I had to make sure that each of my essays not only conveyed all the facts correctly to the 'adcoms', but also was a reflection of my personality. This was exactly what Jayashree helped me do. Her unique approach helped me come up with a well polished package without it ever losing the original flavour. I consider her contribution one of the major reasons for the offer from one of the top ranked colleges (top ten) that I have today.

Jayashree Maam's dedication and ability to bring out the best material from you for an essay is unparalleled. Due to her many years of experience in this field she exactly knows what a particular college is looking for and how a students story is to be shaped according to the requirement which is nothing short of magic. Unlike many, as she does limited and high quality work, she personally understands a students profile and strives for a perfect and college/university specific package. The process Jayashree maam and her team follow is very well structured and is designed keeping in mind every facet of the application process and does not leave room for any gaps and errors. As i was applying to a computer science course, I was a little skeptical at first because CS wasn't her area of expertise. But, Applying to a grad school is all about telling your story right, and no one can do that better than Jayshree Maam. Cheers!

I came to Jayashree Ma'am after going through all the other MBA consultants out there. Initially unsure about my application, talking to her made me feel confident that I could make it to my dream school. She understood me as a person, and helped me chart it out on the application. The essays that came out were top-notch and were of high quality, all thanks to her hard work and sincerity which enabled me to express myself in the manner I wanted to. Her experience and unique perspective of things were a key factor in helping me write an almost perfect essay. Thank you Jayashree Ma'am, an admit was not possible without your help!

Jayashree is a magician. She is a counsellor and a mentor. She gave my essays personal attention and time. For one of my applications I contacted her at 11 pm in night and she took pains to return my applications by 1 am the same night as my deadlines were same night. She understood my profile completely and devoted couple of meetings to make my applications effective enough to get a call from my dream business school

The most ardous and frustrating task I encountered while preparing for my MBA essays was to find a consultant who can understand my points and help me present the way I had visualized them .I believe for a MBA application, the most crucial aspect is individuality of the applicant and Jayashree mam helped me retain it, while elevating the essays to a competitive standards. I greatly appreciate her empathy, presentation skills, command of language and her gentle ways of invigoriating the thought process and adding to it from her vast experience of life and profession

Even the best score on the GMAT cannot ensure an entry into the best of Business Schools of the world. Guidance is required at every step of the application process. You are not only an experienced and able reviewer, but also a motivating and persistent mentor too. You made me understand the essay writing process and completely redefined the way I thought about myself. Without you ISB would have remained a distant dream. Thank you....

What does it take to get into a top ranking business school? Simple answers will be:
1. Multiple spikes in the profile.
2. High GMAT score
3. Understanding the requirements of the school.
But the most important part is presentation of the application. And I am highly thankful to Jayashree for putting a lot of effort in understanding my profile and guiding me in bringing out the spikes in it very clearly in the application package. It was not just the application part but Jayashree's knowledge about each schools expectations particularly ISB helped me a lot in arranging my thoughts coherently in essays. Even while choosing the schools to apply Jayashree helped a lot in reducing the confusion I was in. Above all in the stressful time of writing and rewriting of the applications, she was always available and her encouragement kept me going. If it was an award ceremony of some kind Jayashree madam would be the first one to whom I would attribute my admissions in ISB and Ross.

The statement of purpose has definitely exceeded expectations and I am hoping that it could really be a major factor for me to get through.